3 year VRI Gap Insurance for £99!! Happy 61 Plate day!

If you are looking for VRI Gap Insurance for your new ’61′ plate vehicle, then one of the leading online Gap Insurance brokers have announed a very special offer.

You can now purchase VRI gap Insurance for 3 years from £99!!

Why VRI Gap Insurance?

Rememeber Vehicle Replacement Insurance, or VRI Gap Insurance is specially designed to cover both the depreciation your vehicle will suffer AND the potential inflationary cost of having to replace it.

Take a quick look at this:

So as you can see, the cost of having to replace the vehicle with an equivalent model can be something that a simple RTI Gap Insurance policy may not cover.

Vehicle Replacement Insurance has been cleverly developed to give you the option of covering this for you. As it could be considered the top level of Gap Insurance, it often comes with a pricetag.. Also, many dealers do not even offer it, or call the insurance ‘VRI’ when it is actually only providing cover to the invoice price. Always make sure of the type of VRI Gap Insurance you are buying!

With Vehicle Replacement Insurance, if the cost of the equiovalent model to your vehicle rises, then you can cover this ‘inflation’ too, and attractive idea if you have got a great deal this time round that may not be available next time.

VRI Gap Insurance for less than £99

Protect your purchase with VRI Gap Insurance from £99

The new registration months are always good times for such deals, as manufacturers aim to attract new car buyers to the showrooms. Transient deals, such as ‘cashbacks’ and ‘vat free’ deals are all the rage during the peak car sales months. However, if your vehicle was written off in the future, you could be hard pressed to get such a good deal on the replacement.

This is where VRI Gap Insurance can help!

To help those looking to purchase VRI Gap Insurance, leading online broker EasyGap.co.uk have reduced 3 year VRI Gap Insurance, which now starts at only £99! We believe they are the first online broker to offer 3 year Vehicle Replacement Insurance at less than £100 in the UK.

Remember though, where ever you look, the underwriting insurer is important, and EasyGap Policies are underwritten by the ‘A’ rated AM Trust Europe Ltd. This is always an important consideration, as it is the insurer who actually underwrite the Gap Insurance policy.

We hope you enjoy your new ’61′ plate vehicle, as ther is no better feeling than driving your new purchase away from the showroom. We also hope you enjoyed your visit to our site, and learned a little more about VRI Gap Insurance!



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